Free online 4EU+ course: European Citizenship

Free online 4EU+ course: European Citizenship

Watch the trailer for the free online 4EU+ course: European Citizenship – Development, Scope, and Challenges

All citizens in the EU are granted a European Citizenship on top of their national citizenship. Which rights and opportunities does this supra- and transnational citizenship provide? And what are the challenges and dilemmas of the two-level citizenship – for individuals, for the member states and for the union? This course examines the development, the scope and the challenges of European Citizenship.

The course is developed by the 4EU+ University Alliance (Univerzita Karlova, Universität Heidelberg, Sorbonne Université, Københavns Universitet, Università degli studi di Milano, Uniwersytet Warszawski). The creation of the course was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.

The course is free and open to everyone interested. It is structured in three modules, consisting of video lectures, readings, discussion fora, quizzes and/or assignments. The estimated learner workload is 2-3 hours per week in three weeks.

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