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WhoIs look-up tool functions as a central registry of persons who are in some way related to the Charles University (employees, students, participants of programmes of lifelong education, members of university and faculty boards bodies, etc.), as a source of information about the organisational structure of the Charles University, and of personal (especially professional and career-related) data. WhoIs has three main parts:

  • section for concluding legal agreements regarding work (work contracts, agreements to perform work, work agreements);

  • section including a ‘List of Contacts’ for entering contact data for university employees and their search and presentation using the web of the Charles University and its faculties;

  • section for registering PRVOUK programmes, their board members, and participants.

In addition to these basic parts, WhoIs also contains other sections which are used by some faculties, such as:

  • Electronic payslips,

  • Meal vouchers – calculation of employees’ right to diets and registration of meal vouchers issued.

A section for concluding work contracts still runs in two versions:

  • An old one (‘yellow’) – is used by the following faculties and their parts: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education, and the Rectorate of the Charles University,

  • A new one (‘blue’) – is used by the following faculties: Catholic Theological Faculty, Protestant Theological Faculty, Hussite Theological Faculty, Second Faculty of Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and Faculty of Humanities.

The First Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Dormitories and Refectories still do not use WhoIs.

WhoIs is a source of data about persons and labour relations for a number of other systems and applications (it has, for example, a bidirectional interface with the Studium Information System) and especially for the EGJE salary system.

Contact and Support

Employees of personnel departments of faculties and their parts and faculty administrators of WhoIs enter their support requests via ‘Redmine’, queue ‘WhoIs Fakulty’.

Other users can contact the Computer Science Centre using the Helpdesk (Poradna) application.

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