Free Movers

You may also apply to undertake a study period at Charles University as a free mover – i.e. independently, not as part of an established scholarship/exchange programme. In this case you should contact the relevant Charles University faculty, which will decide whether it will accept you for a period of study as a free mover, and under what conditions (e.g. whether any tuition fees would be charged, etc.).

Links to the international offices of Charles University faculties:

Catholic Theological Faculty

Protestant Theological Faculty

Hussite Theological Faculty

Faculty of Law

1st Faculty of Medicine

2nd Faculty of Medicine

3rd Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Humanities

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